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Student Feedback

circle that says "undergraduate student"

Southern Connecticut State University

“You have taught me more about education, life, and the real world more than any other professor in my three years here. Thank you for being unapologetically yourself. I sometimes wonder if I fit the teacher role and I constantly second guess myself but you simply being you breaks that mold for me. By you being your true and authentic self, it allowed us to be ourselves, too.”

circle that says "graduate student"

University of Delaware

"I absolutely loved this course, mostly because of the professor: Dr. Monahan. This was my first asynchronous class, and I was extremely nervous-I have ADHD and I tend to struggle in that format. I planned a meeting early on in the semester with Dr. Monahan to discuss this, in addition to how important it was to me that I do well. Ever since that day, she made an effort to connect with me and support me in a way no professor has in my last five years at UD... I can not praise Dr. Monahan enough, she showed me how to keep myself on track with my school work in an asynchronous class, and how to love my style of learning"

circle that says "alternate route student"

University of Connecticut

"I was really worried to take this class but it turned out to be one of my favorite classes so far. I believe that is because Jess was so supportive and our assignments allowed us to engage with the material in a meaningful way."

Course Syllabi

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